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SmartSpeed Timing Gate System

SmartSpeed Timing Gate System

Introducing the new
SmartSpeed Plus.

Next generation
timing gate system.



The smartest and easiest-to-use timing gates on the market.

Quick to set up and straightforward to run, every element of the SmartSpeed system has been designed with the user in mind. SmartSpeed allows you to spend less time setting up and more time coaching.

Highly accurate, delivering precise, reliable results, SmartSpeed is trusted by the world’s most elite athletes, teams and leagues, where every thousandth of a second counts.


The world’s most advanced and easy-to-use timing gate system.

The biggest innovation in timing gate technology since timing gates were invented. SmartSpeed Plus is powerful, flexible, and above all else: easy-to-use.


360° wrap-around
LED display

The only timing gate available with an inbuilt, 360° wrap-around LED display. See your athletes’ names, split times, results and even battery status at a glance, on any gate.




SmartSpeed Plus is backwards compatible with SmartSpeed Pro. SmartSpeed Plus can replace your SmartHub and works as a standalone gate*.


Battery Packs

To ensure you never run out of charge during long or back-to-back testing sessions, SmartSpeed Plus comes with replaceable and rechargeable battery packs and a four-battery fast-charging dock. You no longer need to pack your gate up to charge them.



Speed, agility, reactivity, jumps and skills.
Test them all and more with SmartSpeed.



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