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M7PRO-1004 Abdominal Compression

M7PRO-1004 Abdominal Compression

M7PRO Line is a high end series of equipment for professional gym use. It has been developed over 3 years by fitness professionals based in US, Holland and China, and went through and arduous testing and is proving popular with luxury gyms and clubs. This series proves to satisfy all uses from the amateur to the professional bodybuilder.


The M7PRO Line features Dual-Pulley design and metal plate enclosure. Each machine has a rack for towel and water bottle holder. The range is constructed from 57*115*3MM elliptical section thickness up to 3mm and it design is based around good Kinesiology motion. The machines adopt stainless fasteners, an excellent powder coat paint finish and superior welding. These features combine to produce a beautiful and attractive range. (M7PRO series used the weight cover in Aluminium Alloy material, which is more durable and looks more elegant.)


The nice fashion design,looks more fashionable, perfect movement trajectory ,Pure steel weight ,Built in damping rubber gasket,prolong its service life and precisely located bearing improve with noise reduction.Make the movement more scientific,human nature.


Adopt one-time mould,the whole closed guard,more safety and highlight the high quality.

  • Product Features

    1. The best initial position of back can effectively stretch abdomen.

    2. The unique and professional design of simultaneous movement of thigh can achieve the best shrink effect of abdominal muscles.

  • Recommended Applications

    1. Exercise rectus abdominis.

    2. Nurse and prevent problems of spine and joint.

  • Specifications

    N.W/G.W:155kg 342lbs/182kg 401lbs
    Weight Stack:218lbs/99kg

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