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E7010A -  Prestige Pro Series Standing Calf

E7010A - Prestige Pro Series Standing Calf

E7010A - The Prestige Pro Series Standing Calf is designed to train the calf muscles safely and effectively. Adjustable height shoulder pads can fit most users, combined with anti-slip foot plates and handles for safety. The Standing Calf provides effective training for the calf muscle group by standing on tiptoes.

  • Features

    Opposite Weight Stack
    ● The opposite weight stack positions effectively ensure the stability and safety during the training process, and avoid the possible danger caused by the offset barycenter.

    Gas-assist Adjustment
    ● The addition of gas-assisted adjustment allows exercisers to easily adjust the position of the shoulder pads according to their height.

    Simple but Efficient
    ● As a fundamental part of the strength training progression, Standing Calf balances performance and comfort. 


    As the flagship series of DHZ Fitness strength training equipment, The Prestige Pro Series, advanced biomechanics, and excellent transfer design make the user's training experience unprecedented. In terms of design, the rational use of aluminum alloys perfectly enhances the visual impact and durability, and DHZ's excellent production skills are vividly demonstrated.

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