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DynaMo Handheld Strength & ROM

DynaMo Handheld Strength & ROM

Hundreds of tests from the palm of your hand

With an ergonomic design, the DynaMo range of handheld dynamometers and inclinometers allow you to assess your clients’ strength and range of motion (ROM). View your clients’ results in real time and track their progression over time.

Enabling you to conduct client testing and collect clinical data anywhere, the DynaMo range allows you to engage your clients, improve their understanding of their results and increase their adherence by using real-time data.


The DynaMo Range




The world’s most advanced handheld dynamometer and inclinometer.

The handheld and modular design of DynaMo P

lus measures 300+ strength and ROM test types. With its Smart Attachments and integrated display, it enables accessible musculoskeletal measurement for all exercise professionals.




Compact and versatile handheld dynamometer and inclinometer.

A compact, handheld and wearable system that fits in your pocket. Enabling 200+ strength and ROM tests and featuring a wearable design to enable hands-free assessments.



The easy-to-use DynaMo app enables you to perform almost any imaginable ROM test for all major joints in the body, with intuitive test selection, automatic recording against clients’ profiles and simple, powerful reporting. Cut down on writing time-consuming clinical notes, by leveraging DynaMo reporting.

Contact us to find out more novel ways to employ these systems in your clinical workflow.

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